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Every organization has slightly different requirements for their internal developer platforms (IDPs) and as such designing an all inclusive solution for an IDP is neither reasonable nor possible.


Despite the differences in IDPs, there are common tooling, patterns, and practices that emerge across organizations.

While there is common agreements in how to use different tools across existing capabilities in IDPs, there is little to no references on how these tools can be configured and combined together to deliver the desired platform engineering practices efficiently.

The goal for CNOE is to capture and provide references for tools commonly used by platform engineers to design their IDPs, the way these tools are configured, and implementations for common patterns and practices that can be extended and used across organizations.

CNOE by no means tries to be comprehensive, but instead it aims to collect community driven patterns and best practices based on what is commonly deployed in production.


For CNOE reference implementations we will provide configurations, patterns, and practices with the following (growing) list of technologies.

Code RepositoryGit
Config RepositoryGit
Artifact RegistryContainer Registries
Secret RepositoryExternal Secrets (with Vault and KMS)
ValidationsCNOE Validators
Secret ManagementExternal Secrets
Infra as CodeTerraform, Crossplane
Continuous DeliveryArgo CD, Flux
Continuous IntegrationsArgo Workflows, Tekton
Identity & AccessKeyCloak
Developer PortalsBackstage