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Application Developers

Experts in writing business-logic-specific code to be consumed by “customers”. Familiar with traditional programming languages and frameworks with minimal interest in infrastructure components outside of the ones in-use for their applications.

Package Builders

Experts in stitching together multiple components into reusable blueprints and delivering those as a service. Package builders are likely to “wrap” multiple infrastructure and application parts into singular deployables that can be leveraged by application developers.

Infrastructure Operators

Experts in deployment and management of the infrastructure and platform components that provide the foundation to business applications. Familiar with infra-as-code primitives and automation/scripting languages, as well the fundamental characteristics of network, storage, and database. Also likely to have experience with application orchestration platforms and their underlying functionality.

Information Security Engineers (ISE)

Experts in applying and enforcing security and compliance best practices. ISE’s partner with package builders to approve production ready packages to be used across the organization.