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Developer Portal

The CNOE cohort will work towards striking a balance on expectations across all its stake holders. This basically means that the set of tooling put together under CNOE will have to be as useful to the application developers as it is to other stakeholders. In order for this to be achieved, big emphasis is put on offering the right developer productivity tool that would serve as an overarching umbrella for including and presenting the underlying tooling in a user-friendly manner. Backstage is a popular open source tool supporting configurability and pluggability that can be utilized to achieve such level of developer productivity.

  • Software catalog of all components, systems and domains.
  • One-stop location to find all about the software we build (docs, source repository, dashboards, support location, owners, etc.)
  • API Documentation
  • Dependencies on other software
  • Documentation system using the docs-as-code approach. Docs are typically in Markdown, and stored in code repositories.
  • Software templates for creating new projects.
  • Onboarding automation for security and trust.